Long EZ  ***SOLD for $34,900***

Long EZ
Long EZ (Click to Enlarge)
A&P just completed fresh conditional inspection May 2010.   It has 395 TT 1505 SMOH (2400 hours TBO).  Strong Lycoming O-235 Engine.   Brand New Grand Rapids EFIS with engine instrument option, moving map with GPS and AHRS built in. Load your flight plan from PC into EFIS via memory stick or program EFIS directly.  Brand new digital radio MGL V-10 with  VOGAD intercom.  Mode C Transponder.  Nav and Strobe lights. Manual nose gear and air brake. Plane is located in South Carolina at KRBW.   Contact info at bottom of page.

V10 Radio/Intercom, King KT-78 Transponder with Mode C,  Grand Rapids Engine Information System (EIS), Backup Airspeed Indicator, Grand Rapids Electronic Flight Instrumentation System (EFIS)...some instruments it displays are: Altimeter, Airspeed, Angle of Attack, HSI,  G Meter, Outside Air Temperature, Slip Indicator, Vertical Speed Indicator, GPS Moving Map, 4 EGT, 4 CHT, Tachometer, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Ampmeter, Voltmeter, Hour Meter, Flight Timer with Interval Timer, airspace, terrain hazards, radio frequencies for airports, checklists, alarms, etc. 

Specifications:  (according to POH)
Wing Span: 26.1 feet
Canard Span: 11.8 feet
Length 16.8 feet
Height 94.5 inches
Fuel Capacity: 52 Gallons
Handles up to 6'6" pilot
Engine: Lycoming O-235 118 HP
Performance: (according to POH)
Cruise Speed: 161 Knots
Fuel burn at cruise: 6.7 GPH
Ceiling: 26,900 Feet (Demonstrated)
Stall Speed: 55 Knots
Lift Off Speed: 66 Knots
Ground Roll (landing): 1200 feet

All Long EZ aircraft are parked with the nose gear retracted.

Front of Long EZ
Front view of Long EZ (Click to Enlarge)
Right Side of Long EZ
Right Side of Long EZ (Click to Enlarge)
Panel (Click to Enlarge)
Full Panel
Back Seat
Left Side of Long EZ
Left Side of Long EZ (Click to Enlarge)
Long EZ
Right Side of Long EZ (Click to Enlarge)
Long EZ
Long EZ (Click to Enlarge)
Front Seat

My History with the Aircraft. 

Note to sellers....when I was looking at Long EZ's to purchase I looked at a lot of them in this price range.  Many were rough to say the least.  They had major waves in the layups.  Lousy paint.  One had power wires wrapped around the control rods.  Yet another with full left and right stick only moved the ailerons  half the distance they are required to go.  I had this airplane checked out and it passed every test.  It is one of the straightest Long EZ's out there and it looks good.  It has really good craftsmanship and was build with great precision and detail. 

I purchased the Aircraft in Idaho in April 2010. I flew it from Idaho to South Carolina.  It flies great!  This was an opportunity for me to test everything out.   I had the following changes made since I purchased the aircraft:
Replaced Exhaust System
Replaced Engine Baffles
Replaced Nose Gear Bushing
Cleaned Cowls and engine
Installed rear control stick for passenger
Propeller removed, inspected, BALANCED and reinstalled
Installed Engine Information System with Oil Temp, Oil Press, Fuel Press, Cylinder Head Temp (4 cylinders). Exhaust Gas Temp (4 Cylinders), RPM, Amp, Outside Air Temperature Gauge
Installed Electronic Flight Instrumentation System
Installed VHF radio/intercom
Rewired Aircraft Ground
Changed Oil and cleaned oil screen, inspected spark plugs
Rebuilt fuel caps
Lower Winglet Mod
Installing new VHF antenna (in work)
Annual Conditional Inspection by A&P May 2010
So why sell?  My wife is not excited about the airplane or anything related to the airplane. If you're married you understand.

The Panel.....Brand New Grand Rapids EFIS and MGL V10 Radio

EFIS and Radio
EFIS and Raadio (Click to Enlarge)
EFIS and EIS Features include: Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS),  Altitude Alerting,  Altimeter Encoding Output,  , Dimmable for night viewing w/o color changes, Data Recording, Flight Path Marker, G-Meter - Recording, Heading Bug, Height Above Touchdown Zone, Magnetic Direction Indicator, Outside Air Temperature, Remote Mounting Magnetometer, Slip Indicator, Sunlight-Readable Wide-Temperature Display,  USB Memory Stick Updating,Vertical Speed Indicator, Warning System, Wind - Vector and Component Displays, Worldwide Navigation Database, XM Satellite Weather Input, Zulu Clock, HSI (VOR/LOC/GS/GPS), Airport and Waypoint Details, GPS Flight Plan Interface,  Map Declutter  GPS Map - Obstructions, Airspace with effective altitudes, Moving Map, GPS Flight Planning, Fuel Flow Totalizer & Endurance,  EIS Comprehensive Leaning Functions, EGT Tracking - Instantly reveals the source of roughness or other problem,s Alarms on all functions, most with upper and lower limits, Landing Checklist/Gear Reminder - Can be triggered by RPM or airspeed, EGT Span - Max difference between highest and lowest EGT, EGT Max -  Active only when above a specified RPM,  EGT Min - Active only when above a specified RPM,  EGT Cruise Mode Hi and Low Alarms - Alerts you to subtle changes in EGT after leaning,  CHT Shock Cooling - Max cooling rate,  Graphical Engine Monitoring,  Map - OBS Selection, Configurable Displays,  GPS,  Vertical Autopilot InterfaceAvailable, SL30/40 tuning, Serial Ports - In and Out  up to 5.  I have the MAP and Fuel Flow sensors, but they need installed.  More info on EFIS or EIS click here.

Radio Features include:
  • 6W TX carrier power (unmodulated). Typical Power at 13.8V (6.5-7W)
  • 108.00 to 117.75 MHz navigation channel RX (sound only, no navigation functions)
  • 118.00 to 136.75 MHz coverage (RX and TX)
  • Large sunlight readable LCD display
  • 100 channels with alphanumeric frequency name and function
  • 10 frequency lists (Garmin/Icom communications compatible)
  • Active and standby frequency/channel selection system
  • Dual scan with priority on active using single transceiver
  • Dual watch with priority on active using two transceivers connected to each other (one for active, one for standby frequency, full redundancy operation possible)
  • Comprehensive dual communication links for fully redundant remote control from two independent EFIS panels
  • SL30 and SL40 communications compatible with MGL extensions to enable full remote control of entire transceiver with status feedback
  • Fully digital audio subsystem using 18 bit resolution CODEC for excellent dynamic range
  • Dual circuit digital intercom system (Pilot and passenger circuit)
  • User selectable ambient noise suppression system and VOX modes:
    • Traditional VOX with adjustable level and fading mute
    • MGL Avionics proprietary VOGAD ambient noise elimination system.
  • Switchable voice band filter for extremely high noise environments
  • Auxiliary audio input for EFIS or music systems (two inputs)
  • Adjustable microphone levels with bar graph display of levels - easily adjust for best performance
  • Pilot and passenger PTT circuits
  • Pilot and passenger PTT join or isolate
  • Audio output drives 8 ohm speaker or 600 ohm headsets
  • Fully digital class-D modulator for best in class power efficiency during transmit
  • Excellent TX sound quality with digitally controlled modulation
  • Highly accurate and stable fully digital PLL frequency source operating at 5 GHz (DPLL)
  • Dual superhet receiver with 45 MHz 1st IF and 455 kHz 2nd IF
  • Bargraph display of received signal level
  • Bargraph display of transmitted audio level - see how well your TX carrier is modulated (visual sidetone)
  • Field updatable software (requires PC with RS232) - subject to FCC restrictions
  • PC based interface and simulation application available free. Maintain your frequency databases on your PC and upload if you prefer (requires RS232 port or USB to RS232 converter)
  • Wide voltage range operation - 10V to 28VDC .
  • Super low power consumption: RX 120mA, TX 1.2A (at 13.8V DC)
  • Large keys, no knobs - possible to operate with gloved hands, ideal for open cockpit aircraft
  • Fits standard 3 1/8" hole (3.5" between mounting holes diagonal)
  • Very low weight: 250 grams (~1/2 lbs)
  • Very small mounting depth, only 5.5cm (2.2") plus connectors
  • Zero internal adjustment and calibration during either production or service, no adjustable inductors, capacitors or anything else for long stability and service life
    More info on radio click here.